About #pplplzthgs

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We created People Places Things because we are obsessed with humans, the diverse spaces we occupy, and the objects we acquire. Connecting stories of places through the things we curate and the people we meet along the way while building a global community.

The collections are a blend of treasures we've gathered from the unknown, unrecogized, and  under-appreciated designers from around the world. From  thrifting, market hopping, food tours, historic walks, and the countless steps on our forever progressing pedometers, we turned fashion and travel into a global treasure hunt. The magnificent designs we carried back to our closets were inspiration and reminders of the far away lands we experienced and the beauty we discovered. We are here to celebrate the magic of uncharted lands, the stories of amazing people and of course, exclusive international fashion. 

We are a multi-channel platform featuring global independent designers and brands. We offer our customers uniquely curated items, while immersing and connecting them to culture and country. We hunt people, places and things,  to collect the rarest clothing and accessories for our Hunt Club and Fashion Gypsies at reasonable prices. We rummage the globe relentlessly to save you from blowing your hard earn coins and insulting your jewelry boxes and closets on the same ole same ole. 

We provide People a bridge that interlaces others and unfamiliar cultures into their spaces. The Places we go, link our same differences revealing the tales of who we are, the terrains we journey, and how we will end up. The Things we carry represent the vast abundance of things unseen; connecting experiences and beauty from our world of designers to you. 

Happily Hunting, 

Alexis & Bebe 

Curators | Buyers