Ten Hats To Wear Every Season & Hat Tricks by Lina Osorio

Ten Hats To Wear Every Season & Hat Tricks by Lina Osorio

— Lina

Earlier this year People Places Things had the chance to visit the beautiful Cartagena in Northern Colombia. While there, we stumbled upon the dopest hats and head pieces we  had ever seen by a talented designer by the name of, Lina Osorio.

Milliner Lina Osorio, Bebe & Textile Artist Johana Acosta (friend to Lina and our translator for the day.) From Left to Right 

Milliner Lina Osorio, Bebe & Textile Artist Johana Acosta (friend to Lina and our translator for the day.) From Left to Right 

That our friends was just the beginning, We  knew we  had to find a way to collaborate with Lina,  because if we fell in  love with these treasures, we knew you would too. We hunted  her down  and  finally was able to sit down with the great Lina Osorio, as she school us on her hat  journey.  Follow us in this  journey to get the insides of a modern day milliner and a glimpse of the hats you should be wearing this season and beyond.  

I love to wear…. something comfortable but with design.

My favorite places to travel to and want to see are… Paris, India, The Middle East, New Zealand and Iceland.
— Lina

Lina is from Neiva of  the department Huila, it is located in the valley of the Magdalena River in South Central Colombia.  She attended college to study Fashion Design and after graduating, she worked fabricating ensembles for theater, television, dancers, and  various artistic events. For 10 years she was doing  what she loved, creating  avant-garde fashion for the  masses.

But there is always a but….

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.20.50 AM.png

Even with the  success of  her mad hatter designs, she felt something was missing. She began to push the envelope to create a life outside of costumer. She moved  to Madrid Spain  and obtained her masters in Accessory Design in hopes of finding a new passion .  

There is an incredible feeling you get when you have just reinvented yourself, found your purpose in life, or just came up with the best idea ever,  I’m sure we’ve all felt it. We think this is how Lina felt once she discovered all she could do with accessories coupled with her beautiful fashion savy mind.

My favorite thing about people… Authenticitiy

My least favorite thing about people… trying to appear to be something they are not.
— Lina
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.25.03 AM.png

Creating an eponymous brand, Lina Osorio Sombreros y Tocados, millinery became her full time business. She decided to stay in Madrid and bask in its magnificence and create. She was inspired by the fashion and culture and churned out fascinators and head pieces that epitomized the time and dress code of Madrid.

Successful, but remember there is always a but…

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.21.36 AM.png
My BIG goal… to have my sombreros worn and sold all around the world and creating sombreros based upon the inspiration and culture from regions everywhere
— Lina
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.21.20 AM.png

 Home is where the heart is, was a silent tune in her mind while away in Madrid  and she soon returned back  to Colombia.  Shifting her inspiration, she began designing a different type of hat that was geared more towards women, men and children's fashion and Colombian culture.  The designs she creates today interlaces indigenous Molas,  inspiration from dreams and even down to how she feels on some days. We are blessed with hat tricks that are more than just an accessory, but the statement and main event to an outfit.

Now for the ten hats we all should be wearing this year with their vintage yet modern spin. Did you catch the quotes along the way,  they were personal touches from Lina!

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