10 Essential Fashion Staples for Every Summer Suitcase


If you're like us and you over pack  when it's time to trip, this list will help drop that weight and the four outfits that you know you weren't really going to wear, but were too cute to leave behind. We got you. 

1) Black Legging , they go with everything comfortable and usually your go to when you are stuck on what to wear. 

2) White Tank Top: Whether your on the beach or on a date with bae, you can transform a good quality tank from night to day with just a jacket or a fire  necklace.





 3)Classic Chucks: They can be worn with  jeans, dresses, or shorts.  I mean what can you not wear with chucks?


4) Maxi Dress: Even if you are not a "dress girl" a maxi dress looks good on anybody. Its a good day to night piece that can carry you through the either day.

5) Swim Suit: Its summer!!!Even if you don think  you'll be swimming, take it. You don't want be the girl rushing to Target when you have a brand new suit at home waiting to seen. 






6) A Retro/Statement Tee: We all wear T-shirt whether its to sleep or your everyday uniform. They are a easy go and grab piece that can go with more than just denim.  






7) Shopper Tote: If you don't want the theme song  "Bag Lady" trailing you on vaca. make sure you bring your shopper tote to eliminate all the extra bags.  It GREAT for traveling and everyday shopping. . 

8)  A Light Jacket:  This is a must. Since its hot outside that means it will be cold inside. Why shiver your way through dinner when you could have just been prepared and stylish. 


9) Jeans:  Make sure you have your fave. jeans packed. We all do it wear them at least twice before we wash them. They can give you at least two outfits for two days . Don't leave home without them. 



10) Sandals: GRAB a sandal that can take you from the beach to the club. Something comfortable, but can still make a fashion statement. Not that pair that your new pup has chewed the heels offs.  

When in Medellín...

When in Medellín...