How We Became Globetrotting Hussies

How We Became Globetrotting Hussies


As I am stationed in Colombia for the second go round this year, I am always asked at home and abroad what it means to do what we do. And how is it that I travel so much for work. Well I am a self proclaimed travel buyer. I am a curator of sorts, just not your typical art curator, more of a design curator. 

So what is a travel buyer? 


The basics of what we do istravel the world in search of unique one of a kind items in certain fields of design. We specialize in international fashion, jewelry and shoe design and introduce them into global markets.

How did we get into this business? 


Well, with our love for people, travel and all things beautiful we decided to make a job out of it. Of course there is nothing new under the sun, most major companies have buyers who source items for their merchandising needs. We just decided to do so independently and on an international level working with specific designers around the world in off the beaten path places. 

What do we do everyday? 

We are a remote company, millennial owned so our days are never the same. And it depends on if we are remotely working from the states or as we are now remotely working from another country as well. We are in the field as we like to call it. 

When we are in the field, our days are spent in designer meetings, thrifting in local shops to see what the fashion scene has to offer in a certain county, drinking lots of coffee and scouring markets looking for emerging designers and unique one time finds. There is a lot of foot work and flight hopping into other neighborhoods and cities. We literally trek our way through a country from top to bottom sourcing items for our Fashion Gypsies! 

How do we find designers? 

A lot of research and divine luck sometimes. As we are in a digital age, the inter webs and social media plays a huge factor in connecting us with independent designers. From Instagram to local articles written about designers we stalk the internet and put our ears to the streets to find amazing designers all around the world. 

Why this?

Being creative directors of our own brand is a huge part of why we choose to be curators. Having the opportunity to combine all the things we love; People, Places, and Things into one business model is satisfying on so many levels. This is our dream job and we are growing a business that will bring together a community of travel loving fashionistas to independent global designers.

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