liza echeverry

psychology major. goldsmith. actress.

Liza Echeverry founded her eponymous fashion label in 2013. This brand takes inspiration from everyday elements that provides unique and functional jewelry for women who takes delight in what she wears. Playing with angles, shapes and dimensions her collections are created to illuminate a woman's body. Combining the many shapes of multiple pieces - triangles, circles, rectangles and cylindrical lines make for a dynamic style composition.  Every collection is manufactured in the city of Medellín; all handmade in bronze, plated in 24k Colombian gold or silver, and nickel-free. Hers are pieces that will exist in the jewelry boxes of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters; lending a new tradition to women making their mark in style.


With the belief that your clothing should be comfortable and made to fit specifically for you, Taller De Vestuario is a not only a street style fashion brand but a custom tailor boutique. Designer Clara takes inspiration from daily life and the many routine movements we make as we commute through our cities. Ensuring that the brand and designer pieces are cultural sustainable she looks to make clothing that is for your size and shows the magic that is all over the world. 


clara baldovino

Daughter. Clothing Designer. Store Owner.


nacarada shoes


NACARADA meaning pearl or shiny in Spanish  is a women's shoe brand founded in 2016. The brand founder Natalia, a twenty something is creating jobs for locals and daily reinvesting back into her hometown and community through procurement. The shoes of NACARADA are mainly designed for the everyday women who are always on the go, whether taking care of their families to running a business. Natalia hopes that the  footwear of  NACARADA  can help women enjoy life more effortlessly by incorporating simple style into their wardrobes with comfortable shoes that allow them to wear all the many hats they choose to put on during their day. With a specialized team of shoe makers, each playing a role in the process from start to a finished pair of shoes. Using locally sourced materials  and exquisite details, NACARADA is changing the way our shoe game is played with h fashionable, modern, sexy yet practical styles. 


Inspired by the lush Amazonian rainforests, the vast Guajira desert, and the intricate and colorful handcrafted art of the “Wayuu” and “Embera” people, FLOR AMAZONA endeavors to bring to life timeless and vibrant pieces reminiscent of the natural beauty found in South America. Playing with the sexiness of bold colors, tropical animals, and the concept of ‘sun-à-porter’, this jewelry house aspires to create the dream of endless sunshine.

flor amazona

glamazon life

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Accessories. Design.Social Responsibility.

CATALINA, a talented twenty-something graphic designer, along with father and mother working in the industrial area Itagüi, Medellïn have been building what has grown into an accessories brand. Founded in March 2016 the brand employs over 30 residents and provides remote work for under privileged women and men.  After earning a degree in Gtaphic Design, Catalina  has been working with her family to solve many problems, in the likes of how we package our daily lives and the things we carry.  Looking to wow their customers through their cutting edge designs, creating products that are practical and useful in the day to day is what the brand is after.