People Places Things ( PPL PLZ THGS ) is always excited to collaborate on new fashion projects.  Occasionally, we will lend our garments to celebrity wardrobe stylists, professional photographers, couture models, and other production and event organizers participating in upcoming fashion-related productions. If you're interested in pulling a garment for an upcoming fashion related project, please review the information below and submit your request to collaborate with PPL PLZ THGS. 


Overview of Pull Request

  1. Review the below listed terms. 
  2. Complete the request form. 
  3. Applicants will receive email confirmation. 
  4. Pick-up/Shipment is paid by requestor. 
  5. Return garments on or before agreed upon date & time.

Garment Pull Terms

 1. All garments must be shipped and signed for at the address listed in the form. Requestor is responsible for shipping costs. 

2. All garments will remain the property of PPL PLZ THGS  and only the designer of the garments can authorize a sale.

3. You are fully financially responsible for all garments while in your care.

4. You agree to pay the retail price (MSRP) + restocking fee on any garment that is damaged, stolen, altered, lost, or not returned.

5. All rentals require a security deposit paid via PayPal prior to pick-up.

6. It is your responsibility to provide our policy agreement to your photographer and other collaborating individuals prior to pick-up.

7. PPL PLZ THGS must be credited in all publications and social media.

8. A copy of the publication in which the item(s) will be used must be sent to: curators@pplplzthgs.com immediately following production. 

9. PPL PLZ THGS reserves all rights to use images for our own promotional purposes after publication has been posted.

10. If items are NOT returned on agreed upon date and time, I understand and agree that I will be charged $250.00 daily rental rate until I return all rented garments.


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